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After a busy day at work, our recreation center has prepared the place for you to relax yourself. Here, you can join into the richly colorful entertainment leisure activities. From the city's most luxurious nightclub, well-equipped fitness center, comfortable hydrotherapy room, and the body and foot massage, all of these are ready to welcome you with our warm service.

Mediterranean International Club
Located at the third floor of the hotel, the club is one of the most luxurious and modernized club in Guangzhou with an area of 10,000 square meters. Meanwhile the club is equipped with the most advanced stereo system and audio-visual equipment, including 80 deluxe KTV rooms with unique style and colorful performance in auditorium, which make you so much indulged as to forget the time.
Service Hours: 16:00 -- 02:00

Mediterranean spa hydrotherapy chamber is newly opened, which has elegant atmosphere with first-class spa equipment. In the spa chamber, our professional service will make you feel comfortable and energetic. So come on and with your eyes closed, just enjoy it. 

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